ValuES Project
Methods for integrating ecosystem services into policy, planning and practice

This ValuES website is the result of a collaborative effort.

The following persons have contributed to its contents and are gratefully acknowledged: Paddy Abbot (LTS International), Alejandro von Bertrab (GIZ), Kim Bonine (CSF), Aaron Bruner (CSF), María Fernanda Contreras del Valle (GIZ), Paulina Campos Monteros (GIZ), Lucy Emerton (Environment Management Group), Johannes Förster (UFZ), Davide Geneletti (University of Trento), Jorge Gualdrón Duarte (Botanical Garden of Bogotá), Brian Kastl (independent consultant), Maya Kocian (Earth Economics), Elizabeth Law (University of Queensland), Alfonso Malky (CSF), Christo Marais (WfW-DEA), Florian Manns (UFZ), Marcela Muñoz (UFZ), Uma Partap (ICIMOD), Isabel Renner (GIZ), Julian Rode (UFZ),César Ruiz (CI-Colombia), Stefan Schmidt (UFZ), Andreas Schneider (UFZ), Roel Slootweg (SevS), Michael Strauch (UFZ), Imma Schniewind (UFZ), Isabel de la Torre (Earth Economics), Ulrike Tröger (GIZ), Borko Vulikić (UNDP Montenegro), Dominik Wiehl (UFZ), Anja Wittich (UFZ), Heidi Wittmer (UFZ), Hugo van Zyl (Independent Economic Researchers)

Head of ValuES project

Marina Kosmus, GIZ

Scientific Coordination

Augustin Berghöfer, UFZ

If you have found any errors or have any suggestions for improving this site or for adding new method profiles, please contact us.

Launched in 2014

A Berghöfer, H Wittmer, L Emerton, H van Zyl, J Rode, J Förster. 2014. ValuES Methods Navigator. How to choose suitable assessment methods?

A Berghöfer, Florian Manns, Johannes Förster, Stefan Schmidt (eds.) 2014. ValuES Methods Database. Finding suitable methods for assessing ecosystem services.

A Wittich, A Berghöfer, H Wittmer (eds.). 2014. ValuES Case Study Collection. Experiences with ecosystem service assessment processes.

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